week 8: theme parks / environmental play

theme parks / environmental play

prepare Flanagan, Mary. “Artist’s Locative Games.” Critical Play. Cambridge, US: MIT Press, 2009. 189-222.

Flanagan Artists’ Locative Play

Freitag, Florian. “Critical Theme Parks: Dismaland, Disney and the Politics of Theming.” Continuum. 31.8. (November 2017): 923–32.

Freitag theme parks Dismaland Disney

team class 2  Ahmad, Karter, Bria
activity Michael Libby (Worldbldr, Inc.) is an experience designer working in Advanced Development at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive. An alumnus of the USC Interactive Media and Game Design program, Michael was a lead designer on The Purge: Breakout Los Angeles, an immersive adventure linked to The Purge movie series.



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