week 12: activism / impact / interactive documentary

Week 12: March 26
activism / impact / interactive documentary

prepare Nash, Kate. “What is interactivity for? The social dimension of web-documentary participation.” Continuum. 28:3 (2014): 383-395.
nash interactive doc
Bogost, Ian, et al. “Documentary.” Newsgame: Journalism at Play. MIT Press, 2010. 61-81.
Bogost News Games
Highrise (Katerina Cizek, 2009-) http://highrise.nfb.ca/
team class 5  Yiran, William, Krystle, Jonathan
activity / guest speakers View / demo / play one another’s interactive practice work (voluntary but encouraged!).

Emilia Yang
(PhD in MA+P) is an activist, artist, and militant researcher. Tonia Beglari (MFA in IMGD) works with creative media that engages marginalized stories, explores new ideologies, and plays with pop culture. Tonia and Emilia will speak to us about their award-winning Downtown Browns (2016) an interactive series highlighting the decisions faced by women of color in Los Angeles. Each episode follows a different storyline, showcasing a bright woman making their way through a unique situation. Interactive decisions, mini-games, and perspective shifts are utilized to build an intimate understandings of the complex dynamics at play in city life.



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